Multi-Layer Data Security

We take data security dead-seriously. It is a foundation of our software and overall approach to data handling. From physical data protection to encryption, user permissions and more.


Never worry about your data again

Yacht in background

Our cutting-edge data storage facility employs advanced encryption technology alongside robust physical security measures to uphold the highest standards of data protection, including safeguarding against fire and natural disasters.

Secure sign-in for everyone

Our 2-Factor Authentication feature adds an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring a login confirmation via DeepBlue mobile application. Android & iOS available.

Secure Sign-In

Tailor access levels to your needs

DeepBlue ensures unparalleled security within the organization. Our precise access permission levels can be tailored for each user or crew member, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and minimizing the risk of inadvertent data entry errors.


Data snapshots accessible instantly

Desktop App

Daily data backups provide an extra layer of security and allow us to restore historical data upon your request.