Specialized Guidance for Each Role

Understanding the intricate dynamics of yacht operations, DeepBlue offers a support system designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of each vessel and its crew. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist with any queries, from technical issues to operational guidance, ensuring that your yacht's management runs smoothly and efficiently.


Unlock Full Software Potential

Tablet App

Understanding that every yacht and crew is unique, we offer customized hands-on training sessions for managers, captains and HODs, ensuring that every team member can fully leverage the software's capabilities.

Customized Integration support

Incorporating DeepBlue into your current operational ecosystem is made stress-free with our customized integration support. From initial setup to import of your databases, our team offers direct assistance ensuring seamless integration and data integrity


Beyond Troubleshooting

Our support is proactive, focusing on understanding your operations to offer timely advice and ensure your system operates flawlessly. We're here to anticipate your needs, not just react to them.


Community Driven Innovation

Yacht balcony

We've been refining DeepBlue since 2013, guided by feedback from yachting professionals to exceed industry demands. Our user-friendly software covers all yacht operations, constantly innovating through our partnership with the maritime community, making us the most trusted full-fledged solution in the market.