Unparalleled Financial Oversight

This finance module streamlines all monetary processes related to keeping the yacht “afloat”. What sets it apart from traditional accounting software is the yacht-centric foundation on which it is built. We simply breathe yachting.

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Real-Time Insights, Approval Processes & Strategic Planning

Yacht in bay

Designed to meet the sophisticated financial management requirements of yacht operations. This module ensures yacht managers and captains are in sync when it comes to expenditures & budgets, they have a 100% reliable and comprehensive system at their disposal.

Clock LogoAdvanced Reporting
Leverage advanced reporting features to easily view, edit, and create detailed expense reports. This enables you to swiftly compile comprehensive financial reports for owners, facilitating informed decision-making with clear financial insights.
Documentation LogoExpense & Income Tracking
Simplify your financial management with our user-friendly mobile app, designed for the entire crew to effortlessly log expenses, upload receipts, and track spending on the go. Significantly reduce paperwork, and ensure every penny spent is carefully accounted for.
Screw logoDaily Financial Tracking
Seamlessly monitor daily accounting activities, ensuring all financial transactions, including quotes and invoices. Navigate through an approved workflow among crew, captains, managers, and owners for utmost efficiency and transparency.
Logbook logoMulti-Currency Accounting & Categorization
Navigate international financial operations with ease. Our module supports multi-currency transactions, offering one-click categorization and conversion to your reporting currency using live exchange rates for accurate account valuations.
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Purchase Orders
Streamline your procurement process with our intuitive purchase order system. Authorized staff can easily create, approve, and manage orders, ensuring that every transaction is clear and controlled. This feature simplifies the acquisition of goods and services, providing a seamless link between financial commitments and inventory management.
Maintenance logoBudget Planning
Equip yourself with sophisticated budgeting capabilities, enabling effective management within the owner's budget. Log and review comments against budget variances for comprehensive management oversight and future planning.
Lady on the deck

Captains and crew will value the streamlined approach to financial management. Budgeting, reporting, purchase orders, expense receipt scanning and managing multi-currency transactions becomes effortless and secure, boosting transparency while minimizing administrative workload.


Sync petty-cash transactions

Swap out traditional cash handling for the Centtrip prepaid card, and effortlessly sync every operational expense directly with the DeepBlue Finance module.

*Integration requires a separate Centtrip account. Discover the benefits at Centtrip.com.