DeepBlue in Your Pocket

Staying connected and having access to critical information on the go is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. The DeepBlue mobile app focuses on vital data input features, streamlining operations from your tablet or mobile phone. While it doesn't replicate every desktop function, it prioritizes simplicity and efficiency on-the-go.


Quick Start for Immediate Impact

Mobile App

Enable the entire crew to start leveraging DeepBlue's capabilities immediately. With an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the DeepBlue app for tablets and mobile phones is straightforward to use, allowing you and your team to quickly benefit from its extensive features without extensive training or setup time.

Tailored Benefits Across the Board

The DeepBlue app delivers customized advantages for all users, boosting crew efficiency, granting owners clear insights for assurance, and equipping management with real-time knowledge.


Simplify Your Daily Operations

By integrating key functionalities of the DeepBlue software, the app provides a streamlined approach to managing schedules, leave management, tracking inventory, task management and overseeing financial transactions on the go, improving work-life balance and operational efficiency.


Safeguarding Your Data Everywhere

Yacht into the sunset.

With advanced encryption and robust security protocols, the DeepBlue app protects your operational data, giving you confidence in the privacy and security of your information, regardless of where you access it from.