Your entire yacht management. Simplified.

DeepBlue® specializes in developing a one-stop solution. One that allows you to manage your entire operation with one application. One that seamlessly connects various task-specific modules into a unified experience. No more scattered data and documentation in email, spreadsheets, chat apps, etc. No multiple 3rd party solutions. No headaches.

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Next-gen yacht management

DeepBlue is a next-generation yacht management software designed to address the challenges faced by those relying on older yacht management systems or old-school spreadsheets. Through meticulous analysis of workflows, we have designed, fine-tuned and continue to refine our software to enhance your operations, eliminating the reliance on cumbersome email exchanges. Recognizing the reluctance of crew and management to undergo complete operational restructuring, we've ensured our platform is customizable and adaptable to fit seamlessly into your existing processes, regardless of your size or specific requirements.