Crafting the Ultimate Yacht Management Solution


DeepBlue® specializes in developing a one-stop solution. One that allows you to manage your entire operation with one application. One that seamlessly connects various task-specific modules into a unified experience. No more scattered data and documentation in spreadsheets, chat apps, etc. No multiple 3rd party solutions. No headaches.

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Innovating with purpose

DeepBlue is more than just software; it's a promise of excellence and innovation in yacht management. Our ongoing mission is informed by the dynamic needs of the industry, incorporating feedback from those who know it best: our users. We are dedicated to empowering yacht operations globally with not just advanced technology, but with knowledge, adaptability, and unparalleled support.

A global success story

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Recognized by hundreds of luxury yachts and numerous international management agencies, DeepBlue has become synonymous with efficiency and reliability. Our success is rooted in our ability to facilitate a seamless flow of information, easing the workload of small to large crews and ensuring smooth operations for vessels starting in a typical range of 25m, all the way up to exclusive superyachts of 150m.

Dedicated Specialists at Your Service

At DeepBlue, our commitment goes beyond developing software. We're dedicated to creating solutions that make yacht management more intuitive, efficient, and connected, drawing on our deep industry insights and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Sales and Success team

At the heart of our client relations, this team embodies our dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges our clients face. With their extensive industry knowledge and passion for excellence, they ensure that each solution we provide transforms the way our clients manage their operations.

Benoit Faure
Key Account Executive
Nicole Romanet
Key Account Executive
Despina Pilides
Assistant Account Executive

Development Team

Our in-house developers are the cornerstone of DeepBlue’s innovation, bringing a wealth of experience in both technology and practical yacht management. Their dedication to refining and enhancing our software ensures we stay ahead, offering solutions that truly meet the gold standard of yacht management.

PMS Specialists

With a profound understanding of yacht maintenance and operations, our PMS specialists ensure that DeepBlue’s features are not just sophisticated, but genuinely effective. Their expertise is crucial in making sure our software significantly contributes to the smooth operation and upkeep of the vessels we serve.

Open to new opportunities?

Join us in setting new standards for yacht management, where innovation, personalized support, and a passion for developing the best solutions define our journey together.