Take the Pain Out of Provisioning

Inspired by the yachting industry’s demand for precision and efficiency, this module offers an unparalleled service for managing APA, ensuring every transaction is transparent, instantly tracked, and accurately recorded.

CHARTCharter module UI snippet

Hassle-free APA Management

Yacht into the sunset.

Managing charter operations involves coordinating contracts, accounting, APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance), and schedules, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This module is specifically designed to address the intricacies of charter operations, offering a centralized platform for managing all charter-related information.

Clock LogoCost Centre Allocation
Assign expenses to specific cost centres, with functionality to cross-charge against operational spending, simplifying financial categorization and management.
Documentation LogoProvisioning and Multiple APAs Management
Prepare for upcoming charters by recording provisioning expenses, managing multiple APAs simultaneously, and automating end-of-charter calculations, including reimbursements.
Screw logoReal-Time Expense Approval
Approve expenditures before guests depart, using pre-defined reports and digital documentation, eliminating the need for traditional receipt management and reducing error risk.

We understand that effective charter management goes beyond mere expense control; it's about elevating the entire charter journey for guests, crew, and management. Our module is designed to achieve precisely this, ensuring every aspect of the charter experience is optimized for satisfaction and efficiency.