Empower Your Crew With DeepBlue

Whether you are captain or a deckhand during a busy season, you are mostly on-the-go, without direct access to your computer. Our user-friendly mobile app, makes sure you always have access to your frequently used functionality


Focus on what you do best. We take care of the rest.

Whether you’re a bosun, chief stew, or a deckhand just joining the crew, you will love DeepBlue. With a simple to use mobile app all relevant information is always accessible. Hours of work and rest filing, vacation planning, and more provide an organized way of working and a peace of mind you will quickly come to appreciate. Updating inventory, adding expense slips, and more. Everything becomes as easy as browsing the web.


You can actually buy time.

With Simple, Accessible and Organized database.
Our unlimited users policy allows the entire crew to populate DeepBlue with up-to-date content, be it pictures, documents, maintenance or financial data. Data entry is made simple, by means of our mobile app, it is always accessible and synced via our Desktop platform, subject to user-permissions, that ensure transparency for crucial operations data and privacy for sensitive data. DeepBlue takes care of organizing all data inflow, facilitates requests and multi-level approvals and ensures the whole operation is historically trackable, providing unprecedented levels of personal empowerment and accountability. All of this combined prevents organizational confusion, miscommunication, mistakes done due to missing or wrong data entry, resulting in incalculable time saving.
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