Beginnings are NOT always hard

This starter module is the core of DeepBlue. It contains crucial contacts data (Crew/Guests/Staff), yacht documentation, granular permission settings and more. It serves as a central hub that makes all of its contents available to other modules. It eliminates data silos, ensuring a unified management experience. As we like to say.. When in doubt.. Keep it simple.

ESMEssential Starter module UI snippet

Designed in collaboration with maritime professionals

Boat transfer

The Essential Starter Module streamlines yacht management by centralizing critical data and automating document validity tracking in a cohesive platform. It simplifies compliance, enhances coordination with shared calendars, and offers customizable settings to meet specific operational needs.

DotUser Profiles & Contacts
Centralize all crew and important contacts in one place, making it effortless to access, update, and manage personal and professional details. This feature ensures management can swiftly communicate with the right individuals, streamlining both routine and urgent communications.
Documentation LogoShared Calendar
Keep everyone on the same page with a shared calendar that tracks and displays all significant events, deadlines, and schedules. This tool is crucial for ensuring seamless coordination between different departments and crew members, enhancing operational efficiency and preventing scheduling conflicts.
Screw logoCrew & Guests Lists
Easily compile and update lists of crew members and guests onboard, essential for not only ensuring compliance with maritime regulations but also for enhancing the onboard experience. This feature simplifies the management of onboard personnel and guest preferences, making hospitality and safety protocols more manageable.
Logbook logoCrew & Yacht Certificates
Automate the monitoring of all necessary crew and yacht certifications with alerts for upcoming expirations and renewals. This crucial feature supports compliance with maritime regulations, helping to avoid penalties and ensuring the yacht meets all legal and safety standards.
Wallet logoTechnical Documentation
Organize and maintain an accessible library of technical documents, from equipment manuals to maintenance records. This centralized repository ensures that vital information is readily available for troubleshooting, compliance audits, and routine operations, aiding in the maintenance of high safety and operational standards.
Maintenance logoSettings & Access Permissions
Customize the system to fit your yacht’s unique operational procedures and preferences. This adaptable feature allows management to tailor aspects of the software, from document management protocols to interface layouts, ensuring the system works effectively for your specific management style and needs.

Always on!

Despite major advances in internet coverage, remote and secluded areas of the planet, reachable by the few, can still face significant challenges. In such locations, relying solely on your internet service provider, can jeopardize operations, a scenario all too risky for those who take yachting seriously. For this reason, we’ve built a crucial add-on designed to link an onboard Apple Mac Mini local server and an onshore master server. This allows for seamless connectivity to DeepBlue regardless of internet quality. Once connectivity is restored, Sync add-on automatically synchronizes any changes, providing peace of mind and continuity in your workflow.

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