Boost Crew Happiness & Efficiency

Our Human Resources module revolutionizes how yachts manage their most valuable asset—their crew. Discover the power of specialized HR management tailored for the high-end yachting sector, with a typical crew count of 3 up to 100.

HRMHuman Resources module UI snippet

Empower Your Crew with Simplified HR Management


By streamlining essential HR tasks like scheduling, leave management, and payroll processing, this module not only guarantees compliance with maritime laws but also optimizes daily operations. It provides concrete solutions for managing work and rest hours, issuing accurate payrolls promptly, and efficiently handling leave requests, directly improving crew satisfaction and operational smoothness.


Timesheets In Your Pocket

With Simple, Accessible and Organized database.
Having the ability to declare the hours of Work & Rest using your most accessible, personal mobile device, was one of the most commonly requested features by the crew. We listened and we delivered.
Clock LogoWorking Schedules
Easily access and understand your working schedules, promoting clear communication and organization.
Documentation LogoWork & Rest Hours
Automatically track and record hours of work and rest to ensure compliance with maritime labor laws, safeguarding your well-being.
Screw logoLeave Days
Manage your leave days with an intuitive system, making requests and approvals straightforward and stress-free.
Logbook logoPayrolls
Experience prompt and accurate payroll processing, with detailed payslips generated at the click of a button, ensuring you’re compensated correctly and on time.
Wallet logoWatch Planning
Simplify watch planning with tools that ensure fair and compliant scheduling, enhancing onboard safety and operational integrity.
Maintenance logoLeave Tracker
View all crew absences and leave balances at a glance, providing transparency and aiding in personal planning.

The crew and the yacht are inseparable assets, that are challenging to manage independently. For this reason we view this module as indispensable for any crewed yacht. It will enhance both crew well-being and operational efficiency.


Yacht-centric payroll calculation

We understand that paying your crew in accordance with their contracts and standard yachting practices is essential for keeping your workforce happy and motivated to provide exquisite onboard experience. Remove the need for convoluted spreadsheets, redistribute your workforce on tasks that humans can do better than DeepBlue.