Keep Safe. Stay Compliant.

Crafted to ensure you effortlessly meet and exceed ISM compliance requirements, this module takes the stress out of safety inspections and procedural adherence.

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Navigate Compliance with Confidence

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The ISM Module simplifies the intricate process of International Safety Management compliance for yacht managers and captains. With features designed to reduce the workload and anxiety surrounding safety audits, this module ensures that all ISM procedures are easily accessible, records are meticulously maintained, and compliance reports are effortlessly generated.

Clock LogoDashboard Overview
Get a real-time snapshot of your vessel's safety compliance status, highlighting areas of attention and recent updates, all in one place.
Documentation LogoEasy Access to Procedures
Instantly access and review detailed safety procedures to ensure every action onboard aligns with ISM standards.
Screw logoComprehensive Records Management
Efficiently log and manage safety records, ensuring a well-documented trail of compliance and operational integrity.
Logbook logoContact Database
Keep essential safety contacts readily available, ensuring quick communication for routine checks or in case of emergencies.
Wallet logoSimplified ISM Reporting
Generate and submit ISM reports with ease, streamlining the process of staying compliant and prepared for inspections.
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Management will appreciate the module's seamless approach to safety compliance, ensuring a straightforward journey to uphold ISM standards efficiently. Say hello to stress-free audits: With its centralized dashboard, gain immediate insight into your vessel's compliance levels, streamlining adherence to procedures and simplifying record management.