When everything's shipshape, every voyage is a joyride

How can you put a price on those precious moments you spend sailing. DeepBlue provides a comprehensive overview of crucial stats: financial, inventory, crew, planned maintenance. Staying informed provides a peace of mind, maximizes your enjoyment and your asset value.

Lady on the deck

Connecting you, your team and your yacht

Lady on the deck

Most owners tell us they wish to be in control of the most important aspects of their yachting experience, but they usually don’t want to dig into details, unless problems arise. With that in mind we built a system that enables owners to have a quick overview of key details at a glance, with a possibility of detailed reports if they so choose.

Why owners love DeepBlue
Clock LogoKeep everything organised
Communicate effectively through a single channel and prevent costly organizational setbacks and mistakes. No more scattered data and documentation in email, spreadsheets, chat apps, etc. Just find it all organized in one place. 
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Reduce your overhead
Regardless of personal feelings towards it, administration is an unavoidable aspect of any operation. Without the right tools, your team will find it challenging to manage administrative tasks effectively. Provide them with the tools they need to be more productive and less frustrated.
Logbook logoBe compliant
Authorities are increasingly setting higher standards for regulatory compliance in the yachting sector. DeepBlue helps you stay on top of Work & Rest requirements and Prevent Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) non-compliance penalties by Flag Inspectors.
Maintenance logoImprove safety and reliability
Give your crew the tried & tested tools they need to adhere to best yachting practices. The crew will appreciate the ability to carry out safety and maintenance procedures according to established industry standards.
Screw logoGet comprehensive reports
Our comprehensive yacht-centric expense reports help you monitor whether your captain/crew stick to the predefined budgets and allow you to plan your funding.
Documentation LogoIncrease your yacht value
At the time of sale, DeepBlue’s detailed historical maintenance logbooks become your priceless asset. Evidence suggests that well-maintained yachts, backed by thorough records of their upkeep, can see their value soar by an impressive 30-40%. Let’s face it; No one likes to buy uncertainty.
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